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Financial Transformation Toolkit 

The world is transitioning to an era of pandemic realities. Healthcare providers face unique challenges as they reopen and adapt to new market forces that are profoundly changing patient care and business operations.


Intalere, an industry leader in operational performance, partners with healthcare provider organizations – such as long-term care, senior living facilities, urgent care facilities, and hospitals – to navigate healthcare ecosystem transitions and accelerate financial recovery in the wake of COVID-19.

Intalere helps providers unlock valuable cost savings, improve operations, and free up resources so that their teams can focus on what matters most: patient care. 

During this complex, unprecedented time of recovery, Intalere is leading efforts to refocus resources to improve financial, physical and virtual operations.


Financial Operations

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Physical Operations

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Virtual Operations

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Post-COVID Transformation - Financial


Financial Operations

Your organization needs a strategy to:


  • Save money on supplies you are already purchasing
  • Recover lost revenue due to halted elective procedures
  • Maximize workforce efficiency and automate repetitive tasks
  • Improve collections


Intalere Can Help You Get on a Path to Financial Recovery

As a member, you can save on key areas such as:

  • Healthcare supplies and equipment
  • Freight bills 
  • Collecting on debt  
  • Equipment buy back
  • Equipment leasing options
  • Bills auditing
  • Accounts payable automating 

Lowering Payment Transaction Costs

Intalere’s Priority Healthcare Payments solution enables healthcare provider organizations to optimize payment acceptance and payment remittance while driving significant savings and revenue. Organizations are paid faster while reducing processing fees by up to 50%, and payments paid to suppliers qualify for rebates and discounts.

A free consultation takes just a few minutes and can reap big rewards. This process includes:

  • A discovery call with our certified payment experts
  • A statement review and fee reduction analysis
  • An accounts payable spend analysis
  • Tips and next steps to help you save on your bottom line

Automate Repetitive Tasks to Free up Your Staff

Refocus staff on patient care with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Intalere’s AI solution mimics a variety of human actions to improve profitability, streamline workflows, reduce errors, and automate accounts payable. 

Learn about special pricing.

Improve Your Cash Flow Processes

Manage your revenue, improve workflow productivity, audit bills and collect debt with REVolution Cash Flow Acceleration. Our experts will work with you to review your cash goals and define potential revenue shortfalls throughout the year. 

Learn more about REVolution and our free, no obligation consultation.

Lowering Your Insurance Services Costs

Save on employer life and disability spend with Intalere Insurance services. Get broader coverage and lower total costs through our proprietary approach to benefit and risk cost containment strategies. 

Learn how we can save you up to 25% with our free consultation.


Post-COVID Transition - Physical

Physical Operations

Your organization needs a strategy to:

  • Reopen while adhering to new guidelines
  • Create a safe environment for staff and patients
  • Prevent the spread of infection with improved cleaning protocols


Intalere Can Help You Set Up a Safe Environment for Staff and Patients

Become a member and save money on supplies you are already purchasing. Contracts include:

  • Social distancing needs; curtains, dividers and plexiglass to ensure proper distancing for staff and patients
  • Air filtration to ensure clean air throughout your facility
  • Laboratory testing; routine blood work needs and COVID-specific testing
  • Infection prevention; PPE, thermometers and equipment covers to keep patients and staff safe
  • Cleaning and disinfecting to provide a clean environment for all; sanitizers, UV lighting and more

Post-COVID Transition - Virtual637279448995942375

Virtual Operations

Your organization needs a strategy to:


  • Provide patient care in virtual environments
  • Create a new, refined digital infrastructure
  • Keep data secure, private, and confidential


How Intalere Can Help You Set Up Telemedicine

Looking to securely set up your virtual environment? Contracts include:

  • Cybersecurity protection
  • Remote working to meet staff and equipment needs
  • Buying and leasing equipment for remote patient monitoring
  • Cellular service to keep communication lines open

IT Programs

Intalere can improve every aspect of your IT program and ensure data integrity with healthcare information technology solutions — creating accurate data for actionable reporting and billing management systems .

With remote working in full effect as a result of COVID-19 proper cybersecurity protocols are imperative in order to safeguard data on remote networks. 


Intalere’s telehealth services enable clinicians to stay connected with remote patient monitoring and cellular tools from suppliers such as Verizon and Sprint. We teach healthcare providers how to set up telemedicine and remain proactive in this new reality. 

Learn more about custom-tailored solutions to your IT program. 


Save by Partnering with Intalere


Save 20-30% on IT Purchase

Save $1.3 Million on Patient Costs


Save 10-25% on Life and Disability Spend

Ready to get back to business?

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