Review this glossary for key terms, acronyms and abbreviations often associated with Intalere and the healthcare industry.

Intalere Terms: Products and Services

Intalere Perks at Work – A discount shopping website available to Intalere members and their employees and families (as well as Intalere employees). By registering on this site, you can receive deep discounts on electronics, computers, vacations – plus your favorite fashion brands including Gap, Nordstrom and Lands’ End.

Intalere ExclusiveBuy – Product or service-focused promotional offerings less than $100,000 which are exclusive to Intalere members. 
Intalere Subsidiaries:

  • Intalere Choice® – Intalere’s own product line, Intalere Choice provides products that are manufactured by market-leading suppliers and meet or exceed FDA and industry standards. By purchasing Intalere Choice, members can save up to 20% and earn program participation rebates.
  • Intalere Insurance ServicesSM – Intalere Insurance Services is a proprietary approach to benefit and risk cost containment strategies that provides long-term, innovative insurance solutions consisting of dozens of different coverage offerings. Learn more at www.intalereinsuranceservices.com. 
  • Health Industry Technology Trust (HITT) - HITT improves operational performance and reduces financial, product, regulatory and safety risk by empowering the supply chain to more efficiently leverage data to perform analytics. Learn more at http://www.healthindustrytechnologytrust.com


Authorized Distributor – Dealers, distributors and/or wholesalers authorized in writing by Intalere to distribute products at Intalere agreement pricing to participating facilities.

Business Intelligence (BI) – Intalere’s suite of powerful and proprietary software tools help our knowledgeable Clinical Specialists analyze your daily spend and provide you with workable and actionable information to effectively manage costs.

  • Price Accuracy
    • AccuPrice® – Intalere’s proprietary price auditing solution that transforms a member’s daily spend into workable and actionable information to help manage costs at their facility and deliver high quality care.
    • Intalere Decision Rx® – A member-only web-based tool that consists of price management, price auditing and pharmacy optimization reporting that enables your pharmacy team to manage their pricing, audit their purchases and optimize their margins by making confident decisions based on accurate information.
    • Intalere DI Q Review – The Diagnostic Imaging Quote Review ensures a facility receives the maximum benefits, discounts and services available through Intalere contracts, TargetBuys and supplier sales promotions.
  • Spend Analytics
    • Intalere Diagnostix® – A division of Intalere that delivers data-driven savings for healthcare providers through data management and analysis
    • Intalere Savings Roadmap® – A dynamic reporting tool that analyzes and compares a member’s current spend with the Intalere portfolio.
    • Intalere Opportunity Report – Designed to provide a fast, yet actionable mechanism to respond to customer requests for a spend analysis of their purchase transactions. It is best suited for smaller providers or for providers that may have received an Intalere Savings Roadmap within the last six months and are looking to maintain momentum and focus on the available opportunities. As with the Roadmap, the Opportunity Report highlights areas of opportunity for the provider. Those opportunities range from savings that can be quickly and easily realized by signing a Letter of Commitment, to conversion opportunities.
    • Intalere Supplier Contract Match Report – A robust accounts payable spend analysis designed to identify prospective savings opportunities between a facility’s supplier spend and the Intalere contract portfolio. This report helps to ensure a facility is maximizing Intalere’s expansive range of clinical and non-clinical product and services contracts.
    • AccuSave – A purchase analysis solution from Intalere Diagnostix. Primarily used internally by staff to run data analysis reports.

Cost Study – Cost comparison indicating the monetary benefits provided by the Intalere program.

eLOC – Electronic letter of commitment. This functionality allows members to submit tier activation requests electronically, which use a standard notification in lieu of the supplier’s actual commitment document. 

GDF – Group designation form

Inflationary Indices – List of anticipated changes in product costs for the next year that Intalere provides bi-annually.

LOA – Letter of authorization

LOC – Letter of commitment

LOD – Learning-on-demand

LOP – Letter of participation

Member – Healthcare providers - acute and non-acute - of all sizes partner with Intalere to take advantage of Intalere's network of healthcare supply chain solutions and improve their operating margins. 

Member Resources (MR) – Intalere’s member-only website that is password protected.

PA – Participation agreement

Parent/Child – Metaphoric terms used to describe the relationship between facility members. An example might be in the case of a large company and its smaller divisions. The large facility (or parent) might be responsible for signing the letter of commitment on behalf of its smaller divisions (or children companies). However, these terms should not be used to describe the relationships between affiliates, associations or other non-member entities who do not have any legal relationship to the “children” facilities.

Solutions Group – Intalere's group of specialists providing solutions that assist healthcare organizations with addressing and overcoming their pain points and challenges—by utilizing our consulting solutions. 

  • Intalere Insurance Services – Savings on employer sponsored life and disability. Purchase additional professional liability. 
  • Intalere Labor Advantage - Labor management and organizational assessments to help improve your productivity (provided by Altius Healthcare Consulting Group).
  • Intalere OptiAnalytics - Cost, market and service line analytics to drive procurement insights, profitability, performance and growth opportunities.
  • Intalere OptiMIM Advantage – Software that manages item master data.
  • Intalere REVolution Laboratory Consulting Solution - Full-service revenue cycle management consulting solution that will examine your laboratory to help collect more of the cash, in a timely fashion, that your organization has earned.

Supplier Resources – Intalere’s supplier-only website that is password protected.

TargetBuy® – Exclusive capital equipment offerings with costs greater than $100,000 primarily focused in the Diagnostic area. 

Industry Associations

  • AACC – American Association of Clinical Chemists
  • AAP – American Academy of Pediatrics
  • ACA – Ambulatory Care Administration
  • ACR – American College of Radiology
  • AGPA – American Group Practice Association
  • AHA – American Hospital Association
  • AHF – Association for Healthcare Foodservice
  • AHRMM – Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management
  • AMA – American Medical Association
  • AMGA – American Medical Group Association
  • AND – Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • ASC – Ambulatory Surgery Center Association
  • ASHE – American Society of Healthcare Engineering
  • ASHP – American Society Health-System Pharmacists
  • CLMA – Clinical Laboratory Managers Association
  • CMS – Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • FAH – Federation of American Hospitals
  • GS1 – Provides established standards that enable the sharing of standardized product and location information to ensure that all supply-chain partners are using identical, up-to-date, reliable data.
  • HAP – Hospital & Health System Association of Pennsylvania
  • HCWP – Hospital Council of Western Pennsylvania
  • HFMA – Healthcare Financial Management Association
  • HIDA – Health Industry Distributors Association
  • HIMSS – Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society
  • HSCA – Healthcare Supply Chain Association (formerly the Health Industry Group Purchasing Association (HIGPA)) 
  • HSF – Health Services Foundation
  • ISMP – Institute of Safe Medication Practices (ISMP newsletter is provided to Intalere member facilities participating in the Pharmacy program at no cost)
  • JCAHO – Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
  • MGMA – Medical Group Management Association
  • NAHDO – National Association Health Data Organization
  • NCQA – National Committee for Quality Assurance
  • NRHA – National Rural Health Association
  • OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Industry Terms

  • ABC Report – Report compiled annually by Group Purchasing that lists all contracts defining their average ACF and total sales volume and revenue reported by the suppliers
  • AC – Ambulatory care
  • ACA - Affordable Care Act, also known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or "Obamacare"
  • ACC – Ambulatory care center
  • ACF – Ambulatory care facility
  • ACF – Administrative contract fee paid by suppliers to Intalere for member purchases made through the Intalere contracts
  • ACN – Ambulatory care network
  • ARRA – American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
  • ASC – Ambulatory surgery center
  • Bill back – Process where a pharmacy wholesaler bills a facility for the difference between GPO contract price and wholesaler acquisition cost after the drug manufacturer refuses to provide contract pricing to the facility
  • CAH – Critical access hospital
  • CCHIT – Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology
  • CDR – Clinical data repository
  • CDSS – Clinical decision support system
  • Chargeback – Process used by pharmacy wholesalers to recover the difference in price between wholesaler acquisition cost and the contract price charged to the member of a GPO
  • Chargeback denial – Denial by drug manufacturer to reimburse the wholesaler the difference in price between acquisition cost and the contract price charged to the member of a GPO; usually occurs because the manufacturer does not recognize the facility as being eligible for contract pricing
  • CIS – Contract information system
  • Closed door – Closed door pharmacy facilities do not provide retail sales
  • CME – Continuing medical education
  • COT – Class of trade
  • CMV – Controlled medical vocabulary
  • CPOE – Computerized physician order entry
  • CPT – Custom procedure tray
  • CQI – Continuous quality improvement
  • CSF – Critical success factor
  • C-suite – Executive level
  • DRG – Diagnosis-related group (DRG) is a system to classify hospital cases into one of approximately 500 groups
  • EHR – Electronic health records
  • EMR – Electronic medical records
  • EPP – Environmentally preferable purchasing
  • GDSN® – Global Data Synchronization Network®
  • Generic drugs – Drugs that are identical to trade name drugs, but that are made by different manufacturer; generic drug names are the chemical names of the drugs
  • GLN – Global Locator Synchronization
  • GPA – Group purchasing agreement
  • GPO – Group purchasing organization
  • GTIN® – Global Trade Item Numbers®
  • HHS – Health and Human Services
  • HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • HMIS – Hospital Management Information System
  • IDN – Integrated delivery network
  • IDS – Integrated delivery system
  • IHI – Institute for Healthcare Improvement
  • IMDS – Integrated medical delivery system
  • IOM – Institute of Medicine
  • ISO – Independent service organization
  • ITP – Intent to purchase
  • LTC – Long-term care
  • NAC – Non-acute care
  • NRC – National Regulatory Commission
  • OCC – outpatient care center
  • Own use – Own use pharmacy facilities do not provide retail sales
  • PACS – Picture Archiving Computer System. Electronic system to store radiologic images (substitute for X-ray film)
  • PCN – Primary Care Network
  • PPACA - Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly called the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or "Obamacare"
  • PPI – Physician preference items
  • PSO – Patient safety organizations
  • QA – Quality assurance (often used as QA/UR and UM/QA)
  • QI – Quality improvement
  • RAC – Recovery Audit Contractor
  • TQM – Total Quality Management

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Our Impact

BYU Student Health Center: Pharmacy assessment

It’s never a question of size of facility or amount of the fee that the project will generate, the level of service from Intalere is always high. My challenge is always the most important thing to them.

Brad LeBaron, Administrative Director, BYU Student Health Center

Virginia Mason

Becoming an Intalere supplier was the easiest step of this engagement. Both of our organizations continually look for opportunities to provide new technologies, products and services for healthcare providers. This shared philosophy helped to solidify our partnership.

Scott Hall, National Sales Manager, AMD-Ritmed

Oregon Imaging Centers

The biggest thing is that it was just easy. They worked for us to make this happen…

Justin Thomas, Director of Human Resources, Oregon Imaging Centers