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Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Intalere Introduces OptiAnalytics to Help Healthcare Facilities Enhance Profitability, Procurement and Growth
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Intalere Introduces OptiAnalytics to Help Healthcare Facilities Enhance Profitability, Procurement and Growth

Contact: Evan Danis
  Sr. Director, Corporate Communications

St. Louis (September 19, 2018) - Intalere, the healthcare industry leader in delivering optimal cost, quality and clinical outcomes, today announced the launch of Intalere OptiAnalytics, software solutions offering cost, market and service line analytics to drive procurement insights, profitability, performance and growth opportunities.

“Intalere OptiAnalytics solutions build on a legacy of supply chain expertise to provide revenue and profit optimization, market planning and spend optimization for our members,” said Richard Mackey, vice president of Information Technology for Intalare. “Facilities can benefit through strategic decision-making enhancement, clinical quality and efficiency, cost reduction and spend optimization.”

Specifically, the OptiAnalytics software solutions include:

Intalere OptiAnalytics Insight – Analytics to pinpoint opportunities to strengthen service line profitability by integrating clinical and financial data looking at direct and indirect costs and revenues. Reveals an understanding of revenue and cost drivers that may have gone previously undetected as healthcare organizations move toward a value-based care model.

Intalere OptiAnalytics Navigate – Strategic planning to drive performance and growth opportunities. Delivers both organizational and physician performance to continually uncover opportunities for growth, identify areas for improvement, and evaluate market share and population health trends via the impact of social determinants on health.

Intalere OptiAnalytics Spend – Analytics to drive improved spend management. Delivers both spend and contract visibility to continually uncover savings opportunities helping you make informed decisions and bringing more efficiency to your supply chain and materials/procurement functions.

The OptiAnalytics portfolio of solutions is curated to be complementary with other solutions offered by Intalere including Item Master Management, which improves the quality of your base data. The platform also works with automation solutions including Robotic Process Automations (RPA), which assist in integrating data from other systems into your analytics solutions. “Intalere OptiAnalytics places a premium on data visualization, ease-of-use with little training needed, maximum ROI and integration, and as always, support provided by Intalere,” said Mackey.

About Intalere
Intalere’s mission focuses on elevating the operational health of America’s healthcare providers by designing tailored, smart solutions that deliver optimal cost, quality and clinical outcomes. We strive to be the essential partner for operational excellence in healthcare through customized solutions that address customers’ individual needs. We assist our customers in managing their entire spend, providing innovative technologies, products and services, and leveraging the best practices of a provider-led model. As Intalere draws on the power of our owner Intermountain Healthcare’s nationally-recognized supply chain expertise and leadership in technology, process improvement, and evidence-based clinical and business best practices, we are uniquely positioned to be the innovation leader in the healthcare industry. Visit to learn more.



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